Adding colour to Your Home

At this time of year, now the sun is out and the skies are blue, colour is thrown at us from every angle; the glorious greens of the trees and fields, the lush colours of the flowers that are out in bloom, even the clothes people wear have all turned colourful. And isn´t amazing how colour can change your mood, lightening up our days and (hopefully) making us smile.

So, when you go into your house how much colour do you see?  Are you a little scared of colour and feel safe with neutrals, have you added a pop of colour here and there, or have you been brave and used colour to customise the interior of your home?

With a seemingly endless rainbow of colours at your fingertips, it can be hard to choose the right ones for you. What if I get it wrong? Can I really handle this much colour? These are all questions my clients ask when they aren’t sure of which direction to take.  My advice is always “be braver than you are now, but don´t go overboard…it’s easier to add than to take away!”

So if you are inspired by the colours that summer brings out and are thinking your home could do with a splash or two, here are a few tips on picking out the right colours for your interiors:

Get Excited About Colour

Get inspired by searching colourful design images online (Google, Pinterest…) – it will open your eyes to what can be achieved with a paintbrush. Start looking for any patterns or styles that you like. Work out what all your favourites have in common – do you like small splashes of colour in an otherwise neutral room, or do you want to paint your house all the colours of an artist’s palette?

Add Your Personality

You want your home to reflect you so a good place to start is by looking at your wardrobe and find colour inspiration there. If you’re a neutral kind of person, you’re probably more suited to small highlights of colour; for example, a vase of bright blue flowers. But if colour rules in your clothes then be brave but remember colours always look darker on walls to ask for a test sample to take home and try first.

Break Up Colour with Neutral

A great way to make colour really pop is to offset it with a neutral, and not necessarily white.  A pale shade of stone works wonders with most colours and can immediately add a contemporary feel to a room.  A soft shade of antique cream can add warmth to a bedroom but beware of the Spanish tendency to add heaps of yellow to create a cream; you may end up with magnolia or even worse buttercup so gain be sure to try the colour before you commit.

Revisit Colours

You can strengthen your interior design by repeating certain bold colours throughout the room. When all the colours complement each other, it gives you greater scope for adapting your design in the future. If you carry these colours throughout the house, you can move your furniture around the home to your heart’s content.  This is certainly the trick I have in my house (although it drives my husband mad!) with a continuous theme of teals and blues with a splash of complementary orange to give energy and a blush of rose pink to add femininity.


When you’ve painted your walls, go a shade lighter on the ceiling; white isn’t always the answer. If you’ve painted the walls stone, go for a watered down version on the ceiling. It will really give height to the room, but remember, use paint swatches to make sure that your shade matches your walls, whatever the light.

We hope this has given you the inspiration to add some colour to your home, it’s such a simple way to add new life, freshen up your interior and give your home a boost this summer.