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Apartment Living can still be Stylish

Whether you live in an apartment, have downsized, or invested in order to rent out, if you think apartments can’t be stylish spaces, then think again.

Successfully decorating an apartment simply requires a different styling approach compared to larger homes due to space and functionality limitations. But some of our favourite decorating projects have been apartments, and many didn’t have a massive budget or loads of space.

So this month we’ve created our top 10 interior decorating tips that are sure to make a big impact in your apartment!

  1. Tailor the Scale of Furnishings

As most apartments are smaller than detached villas, less square footage is often the biggest concern of homeowners when furnishing and decorating an apartment.  It may sound simple but the best way to increase the sense of space is to select furnishings that are suitable for the size of the room and avoid having so much furniture that the space feels crowded.

Look for smaller, streamlined furniture, with profiles that are low to the ground, contemporary, simple and functional.

  1. Zone Functional Areas

The same is true whether you are living in a large open plan villa, or a smaller open plan apartment if the living, dining and kitchen areas are combined, zoning the larger space into defined areas with a specific purpose maximises the functionality and versatility of a single room by creating micro-spaces.

This can be done through floating furniture arrangements with specific-use areas, such as lounging, dining and entertainment, or through the clever use of decoration and colour.

Remember though, when grouping furniture together in a smaller space, keep the accessibility and traffic flow throughout the room in mind. Design your areas with clear walkways and unobstructed doors.

  1. Source Multi-Purpose Furniture

In an apartment where space is at a premium, it´s important to maximise the usefulness of every square inch available.

Finding furniture that is designed to have a double duty is a must; a pull-out sofa can create a guest room in a one-bedroom apartment, ottomans and coffee tables with hidden storage supply more cupboard space, and choosing a dining table that can be extended when necessary, but small when not in use is a smart way to save space.

  1. Add Storage Space by going Vertical

Most apartments are lacking in storage space and the most practical way of creating more is to simply go vertical. Instead of utilising valuable floor space think about moving up with your storage, with items like floating shelves and wall-hanging storage devices that are above head height and taking cupboards and shelving to ceiling height to store away all those items that are not in everyday use.

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  1. Make Use of Corners

Corners frequently go unused but in a smaller space they are a valuable and often overlooked source of extra square inches.  Clever and smart solutions can create extra seating, storage or design details without impacting the primary and centrally located areas of an apartment.

  1. Introduce Colour using Art and Rugs

In small rooms painting full walls with colour can have the effect of drawing a space in and making it feel even smaller.  However using art to add colour, impact and interest is a good alternative.  Even the addition of simple painted canvases, as opposed to a full wall, can be as effective.

In addition to art, vibrant rugs quickly add colour and texture especially if you are in an older apartment where you can’t do much about the tiles on the floor; a brightly coloured rug can conceal unattractive flooring and add a pop of colour and freshness.

  1. Incorporate Lamp Lighting

If your apartment has built-in lighting, for example, spots in the ceiling that you can’t necessarily change, you still can create a warm, inviting atmosphere with a carefully thought out lighting plan that uses lamps.

Use strategically placed floor standing and tabletop lamps to help zone an open plan space such that only certain areas of the room are lit at any one time.

  1. Reinvigorate your Windows with Curtains

Your apartment may feature only small windows or more often than not large sliding doors that open onto a terrace.  However, this does not mean you should leave them undressed in order to make the space feel bigger.

The use of lighter weight fabrics not only provides a level of privacy but allows light to still penetrate the room. Dress curtains are also a popular solution that brings in the beauty of a fabric without the bulk.  They are a good way to conceal ugly window frames, and when hung high and away from the window can give the impression of a larger window and apartment.

In our experience a combination of lightweight curtains and a pair of dress curtains hung on a double pole is by far the most popular choice made by apartment owners.

  1. Keep the Colour Palette Light and Airy

If your apartment is short on space, a good way to open it up and make it feel larger and more inviting is to incorporate a simple, light colour palette throughout.  This does not mean you have to stick to cream and beige, but if the space is incredibly small, a neutral colour palette can also work well to keep a continuation of sight lines and prevent visual breaks that can make a unit look and feel even smaller.

  1. Make the most of Outdoor Spaces

One of the great features of many apartments is the availability of outdoor terraces and balconies.

Maximise your use of this space and include it with your decorating plans. Look for furnishings with durable and stylish frames that will withstand the elements and extend your living spaces. These outdoor areas are an extension of indoor living areas, with the proper furnishings, they instantly add square metres to your apartment. Please don’t forget these when you have apartment living.

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Small can be beautiful and with a bit of extra coordination and attention, small spaces can be incredibly charming and functional.

Did you know we did more than just curtains?

If you enjoyed “Apartment Living” and would like Lotus Interiors to help maximise the space of your apartment and give it a ‘wow factor’, contact us to set up a consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you!