Minimalism or Cosy Comfort?

Minimalism or Cosy Comfort? Which would be your preference? Well, this is the question we posed in one of our weekly style polls on our Facebook page, and the answer was….. Quite unexpected actually!  We thought cosy comfort would win by a mile but as it turns out the audience was split practically 50/50!

Are you Looking for Inspiration?

From the awesome blank canvas of a new build, the exciting potential of your refurbished space, to the promising adventure of a recently purchased property, did you know that at Lotus Interiors we have a range of services designed to help you capture the inspiration and create a home you love.

Too hot to handle

Too hot to handle? This summer heatwave has got us all feeling exhausted and no one seems to have the energy to do anything, especially think about making over the rooms in their villa! So this month rather than talking pretty, we are going all practical on you.

Adding colour to Your Home

Adding colour to Your Home At this time of year, now the sun is out and the skies are blue, colour is thrown at us from every angle; the glorious greens of the trees and fields, the lush colours of the flowers that are out in bloom, even the clothes people wear have all turned […]

Top Tips for keeping your Curtains in Tip Top Condition!

Top Tips for Curtain Cleaning and keeping your Curtains in Tip Top Condition! Now that the days are sunny and the nights are warmer we can stop lighting the fires and throw open the windows to let the warmth of the sun flood our homes. And it’s at this time of the year after the […]

Loving the Autumn

Autumn This time of year is exciting for us, and not just because it’s Strictly season, although that is VERY exciting.

Transforming Your Bedroom

Transform your bedroom into a beautiful retreat with curtains and soft furnishings in colours that feed your soul.

We often concentrate our design attention to the rooms where we live our active lives and entertain friends and family, neglecting the more private areas of our homes.

However, our bedrooms are very special rooms, our own personal spaces and a sanctuary where we can retreat from the world, relax and unwind, restoring our body with rest and sleep. Read more