Hello Green -Taking us into 2017

Well, 2016 was quite a year on so many fronts and all we are left to do is look forward to the future! So as ever at this time of the year I’m looking to what’s new and cool in the world of interiors, a pretty good distraction from what’s happening in the rest of […]

Moving with the times

Moving with the times Ever since we opened our first shop we have seen many changes in Spain, recession has come and gone, fashions have come and gone, and sadly many people we have met along the way have come and gone. But one thing has remained the same, our passion and dedication to providing […]

A History of Design . . . . . contemporary and Cool

Last months trip back into Interior design history delved into the huge changes that were afoot around the turn of the last century with Art Nouveau and Art Deco defining homes full of colour and ornament.

During the 1920´s however, almost as a rejection of the frivolous feel of the early 1900s, International Modernism filtered into the world of interiors. Its roots lay in the Bauhaus School of Design based in Germany, and like Art Deco, it was closely bound up with technology.

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A Bit of Interior Design History

For the next few months, I thought I would share some interior design history with you.

Past designs and ideas always influence our interior styling today and looking back can give you ideas to develop and create your individual and personal style.

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