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What Kind of Curtains Keep Cold Air Out?

What is the solution to keep the Spanish winter chill from entering your home?

The answer is simple. By covering your drafty windows and doors with energy-efficient curtains.

Whether you prefer a designer-savvy layered look or the simple appeal of a single heavyweight textile, there are several curtain options you can choose from.

Regardless of which energy-saving curtains you select, they’ll help you block more cold air from coming inside when you close the curtains.

Choose Your Fabric Wisely for drafty windows

Not all curtain fabrics are suitable for preventing cold air from entering your interior spaces. For example, lightweight materials, such as linen, lace and sheer cotton, are loosely woven and allow chilly air to penetrate your rooms.

Choose thick curtains in heavyweight, tightly woven textiles to provide a dense barrier against chilly outdoor air.

Get your curtains lined

When coupled with lining you have the best solutions for drafty windows, depending on how drafty your windows are you can select from a standard lining or for a particularly drafty situation you could have your curtains interlined, giving you the best protection from the cold.

Get your curtains properly installed

Curtains can reduce your heat loss by up to 25 percent if you install them properly. So make sure they are wider than the window and the drop finishes just above the floor for maximum efficiency.

So in summary following these three simple steps you can banish the drafts from your home:

  • Choose heavyweight material
  • Make sure they are lined
  • Install them correctly

Curtains keeping out drafts - Drafty Windows

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