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Five Reasons why you need an interior designer in your project

The role of an interior designer can take on many forms depending on the scope and scale of a project; from simply providing curtains and soft furnishings, to getting involved in decision making at the planning stage of a reform or new build. 

For an interior designer knowledge, understanding and flexibility are definitely the name of the game.

So if you´ve not thought of using one before, here are our 5 reasons why it´s essential you should involve an interior designer in your project.

  1. Call in the experts

Whatever the size of your project there are always numerous decisions that need to be taken to help realise the maximum potential in a new or existing property.  Often an early wrong choice can result in a costly mistake.  But by having a team of experts by your side you can be assured of nonbiased advice and get the best result from your project.

An interior designer will work closely with you analysing your requirements and producing functional and creative solutions to meet them.  You should benefit from their experience and creativity, opening your eyes to ideas and possibilities that you may never have thought of.  Your design process should be inspirational, educational and rewarding and most of all, fun!

  1. Making your space work

Interior designers always strive to improve the environment where people live, work, relax and socialise, creating spaces that function effortlessly and enhance the well-being of the user.

By using spatial planning, analysis of traffic flow and a good understanding of the functionality of a space, they are able to create the most beneficial layout and organisation of your furniture to ensure your home works perfectly for you.

  1. Personalised interior schemes

Obviously, a key part of the role of the interior designer is to ensure that the end result is visually appealing and achieving this requires an open relationship between yourselves and your chosen designer.

By recognising and understanding your personal preferences, and without imposing their own taste, your designer will pull together decorative schemes that include colours, fabrics, furniture, lighting and accessories and combine everything to create your dream space.

And by having access to a myriad of suppliers, bringing in a designer to help furnish your home makes the whole process so much easier than sourcing everything by yourself.

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  1. A third party decision maker!

Another role of an interior designer, which is often overlooked and undervalued, is the role counsellor!

Projects that involve the home often have to please all family members, each with their own opinion on how the finished result should look and feel.  It´s at times like this where an interior designer can be invaluable by collecting all these opinions and using their skills and knowledge to deliver a neutral third party decision.  Let the interior designer make important decisions to get a good end result!

  1. It’s never too early

We can’t tell you how many times we are brought in at the tail end of a project only to find if a builder had just done this or changed the size of that it would have made creating a beautiful interior a whole lot easier!

Even down to simply allowing enough space for a curtain to be hung between a window and furniture, or creating a ceiling recess that’s large enough to hide the mechanism of a blind, you’d be surprised by the problems we encounter.

Interior designers are there to add another dimension to the decision-making process and even if the interior decorating seems a lifetime away, it´s never too early to get us involved.

So whatever project you are embarking on, if you would like our advice simply call us to book an initial consultation to chat about your specific needs and find out how we can help make your project a stunning success.