film star feeling

Getting that film star feeling

What does that conjure up for you? For me it conjures up glitz, razzamatazz, luxury and papparatszee! Well the glitz, razzamatazz and luxury we can do.

Sounds fun, but if you are a home bird like me or you travel a lot, one of the greatest feelings is being home again. I don’t know about you, but if I’ve even been away just for the weekend, I love the feeling that I get when I walk into ‘me casa’, make a cup of tea and sit on the sofa, it’s that ahhh! Moment.

Its great being away but it’s great to come home to that comfy sofa and my own, even comfier bed. To quote Kyle Minogue “One of life’s great luxuries is to be at home” Which brings me to the ‘The Kyle Minogue at Home Collection’ which is available to order from Lotus Interior Design.

The exquisite Esta Silver

Bedlinen Collection is truly the stuff of dreams. Set on silver satin and tulle delicate sequins shimmer across duvet and pillows in an art deco inspired pattern. This striking sequin design continues onto the throw, where an abundance of sequins creates a myriad of Art Deco waves to a stunning effect. Total glitz!

Esta Truffle

I like a good truffle and this range of bed linen is no exception. The stunning Esta Bedlinen will add a dramatic look to your bedroom. Set on luxurious truffle satin and tulle, tiny jet black sequin weaves a trail on pillows, duvet and throw with a design inspired by the Art Deco era. A complete selection of stunning cushions completes the scene to perfection…. No pun intended! Oh the power of cushions!


Think Hollywood and you have Omara. Soft champagne satin is delicately folded to create exquisite textured pleats on this sophisticated design, the pleated detail flows across the pillow edges and duvet and onto the throw, where diagonal pleats meet up with a delicate diamante trim. (see image below)


Add glamour to your bedroom with beautiful Jessa bedlinen. A cluster of sparkling silver sequins trickles down the pillows mixed with tiny rose gold sequins to stunning effect. Set a subtle tone of blush satin, this beautiful sequin design continues onto the cushion and sumptuously soft quilted runner.


If feathers are your thing, then add some Art Deco glamour to your bedroom with the stunning Celeste in soft shell satin. Tiny pale grey sequins sit delicately across a fine tulle in a feather like cluster. Complete the look with a quilted satin throw offset with a generous panel of sparkling sequinned feathers.


Praline and oyster, my mouth is watering at the thought! But this is a marriage of sophistication. Delicate diamond shapes, each finished with a tiny silver sequin, are intricately quilted and sit across the praline duvet and pillows. This intricate design is echoed in perfect harmony on to the oyster cushion and throw.


And finally my personal favourite of her collection. Lazzaro will definitely make an impact in your bedroom. Copper, bronze and black sequins combine to create a beautiful leaf trail design. The sequins sit across soft black satin to dramatic effect. The Lazzaro throw, in rich tones of bronze, copper and black sequins, adds to the glamour.

So there you have it, if nothing else, you now know what Kyle Minogue has on her bed! It is glitz, it is glamour and it is definitely luxury and it is available to order from Lotus interiors.

For more ideas or if you need advice with your bedroom furnishings simply give the studio a call and book your free home visit, we will love to help and inspire you to achieve the home of your ‘sweet dreams’.

film star feeling

film star feeling