Minimalist or cosy Costa Blanca Interior Design

Minimalism or Cosy Comfort?

Which would be your preference?

Well, this is the question we posed in one of our weekly style polls on our Facebook page, and the answer was…..

Quite unexpected actually!  We thought cosy comfort would win by a mile but as it turns out the audience was split practically 50/50!

So what makes a style minimalist and what creates cosy comfort in our homes.  It goes beyond the first visual appearance which is the most obvious thing.  Both styles have a deeper vein running through them, so let’s explore.


The term minimalism was first introduced to the interiors world around 1917 almost as a backlash to the cluttered interiors of the Victorian period.

In its purest form, a truly minimal room is one where all extraneous detail, ornamentation, softness and colour have been removed to the point where it may appear almost unfurnished.  Everyday objects are hidden away and the interior reflects a lifestyle that desires perfect order and organisation.

The fundamental principles of minimalism are sharp lines, solid surfaces, low furniture, and pastel shades, however, the modern day minimal style is less strict and mainly based around large open plan spaces with minimum furniture and details, but where interest is supplied by shape, colour and texture.

Minimalist Room Interior Design

It is popular because the overall feel is very light and free but it can be a difficult style to get right; the balance between cold and clinical versus simplicity and sufficient interest is hard to achieve but the key is to choose pieces carefully and ensure there is a flow in design.  Sometimes just a splash of colour or pattern can be enough to break the mould or the addition of an interesting oversized piece of art which creates focus.

In summary, minimalism is for people who value the combination of simplicity, sophistication, beauty and practicalness, allowing you to express yourself without using any screaming accessories or unusual furniture!

Cosy Comfort

By contrast, and as you might expect, cosy comfort is practically the opposite of minimalism. Soft sofas, pumped up cushions and plush fabrics  and gorgeous curtains are at the core of a cosy room, however, the comfort factor also plays a massive role in achieving the perfect space to relax and unwind.

Ergonomics is the key; a sofa that allows you to sit comfortably, a side table that means you don’t have to stretch to use it, even the positioning of the T.V can make or break the comfort factor in a room.

Lighting is also very important.  Creating an ambience rather than a feeling of interrogation with different lamps and strengths of illumination to reflect the function of each space at different times of the day.

Cosy Interior Design

But again, the cosy comfort style can be a tricky one to achieve.  There is a vast difference between a room in which you want to sink back and relax, and one that is so cluttered with “stuff” that it actually creates a stress response.  So don’t go overboard on your cushions and accessories, and don’t cram so much furniture into a space that free movement becomes difficult!

So what I think we can conclude is the difference between a minimalistic interior and one that provides cosy comfort are the 2 ends of a sliding scale upon which we all sit somewhere.  But what would you have chosen?  Pop along to our Facebook page and add your votes to our weekly polls and each month I´ll report back with the results.

And in the meantime, if you need help designing your perfect interior then call us at Lotus interiors and let us bring our expertise to your home.