too hot to handle

Too hot to handle?

This summer heatwave has got us all feeling exhausted and no one seems to have the energy to do anything, especially think about making over the rooms in their villa! So this month rather than talking pretty, we are going all practical on you.

The latest trend of massive sheets of plate glass windows lends itself to stunning views and extraordinary modern styling, however from a practical standpoint, they can prove to be a bit of a nightmare.  Even with the specialist glass, these “goldfish bowl” style rooms heat up in the direct sun and the effect of the UV on furniture can be devastating.

For us as window dressers this styling brings with it its own problems.  Rarely is there the capability to place curtains, and so blinds always end up being the preferred solution, and luckily the blinds industry has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years.

Our biggest sellers by far are the Screen blinds which provide a fantastic solution not only for these huge windows, but indeed any window that suffers direct sun.  Made from a mix of polyester and PVC, the micro mesh allows only a certain amount of UV through protecting your furniture and dramatically reducing the amount of heat felt in a room, whilst still allowing you to see the view outside, so although you may leave your blinds down all day, you don´t actually feel like you´ve shut out the outside world.

This specialised fabric is available as roller blinds, Japanese panels and vertical blinds and there is now a wide range of really attractive finishes so they can become part of the decor as well as being really practical. And they are not overly expensive either!

So if you have a window that’s making your room too hot to handle give us a call for a no obligation quotation and you too can join the huge number of people that are genuinely shocked to find these blinds do actually do what it says on the tin!!

We look forward to hearing from you!